5 Careers You Can Pursue in the Pharmaceutical Industry Today According to Vilvet Pharmaceutical

As a multi-billion-dollar industry, pharmaceutical is one of the largest, and growing industries in the US today, with many people from diverse backgrounds looking to join. For those not familiar with the industry, there is a vast array of opportunities to get involved, from the very beginning with research and development, all the way to the sale of a product. Vilvet Pharmaceutical is a company based out of Pennsylvania, and they are committed to innovation and technology. Their team keeps up with the latest trends in drugs, and they work with other drug developers to support clinical trials and bringing the latest drugs to market. Outlined below are 5 careers that people can pursue within the pharmaceutical industry today.

Sales Representative

One of the first careers that come to mind within pharmaceuticals is a sales representative, responsible for helping bring drugs and products to the public. These workers generally come from a mix of a science and business backgrounds, while many after years of sales in a different industry altogether switch to something different for themselves. They are responsible for helping to sell the companies drugs and products to physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and any other organization that may benefit from carrying and selling the products. Vilvet Pharma notes that they usually do a lot of travelling and help to follow-up with clients and provide support on ordering.


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