Vilvet Pharmaceutical on How a Pharmaceutical Drug is Developed and Tested Before Being Distributed

As new advances in science and technology are reached every single day, new ideas and innovations are put to the test to bring forth products that are helpful to society, and the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in doing so. Yearly, hundreds of companies throughout the nation and worldwide work hard to research, develop, test, and bring to market new drugs for patients. Vilvet Pharmaceutical is a company based out of Pennsylvania that understands technology and medicine go together, and they are committed to innovation and technology, while working with other drug developers to support clinical trials and helping to manufacture and distribute these drugs. As a whole, the industry will test thousands of drugs yearly, with studies ongoing for an average of 12 years before coming to market, with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), giving the final approval. Of all the trials, only a handful ever makes it to market, with 59 being approved in 2018.

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